IJMMME Vol 1 Issue 4 (2013) ISSN 2320-4052 (Printed Version) ISSN 2320-4060 (Online Version)

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1Risk Prioritization Based on Health, Safety and Environmental Factors by Using Fuzzy FMEA

    Aliakbar Golshani Asl, and Farzaneh Ahmadzadeh

    2An Automation of Electricity Usage Reading on Postpaid kWh Meter Using Kohonen-Type Artificial Neural Network

    A. Sudiarso and R.J. Merischaputri

    3Integrated Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment (I-FQFD) to Improve Service Quality

    Andi Sudiarso and Sonni H. Kailani

    4Influence Analysis of Fluid Flow Conditions on the Efficiency of Solar Flat Plate Collectors

    Kyoung Hoon Kim

    5Optimisation of drilling parameters of rivet holes with the design of experiments method

    Mohamed ELAJRAMI, Ramzi MILOUD and Farouk. B. BOUKHOULDA

    6Effect of drilling parameters on hole quality

    Mohamed ELAJRAMI, Houcine MILOUKI and Farouk. B. BOUKHOULDA

    7Optimization of The Contact Force of an Impacted Glass/Polyester Composite Plate

    Farouk Benallal BOUKHOULDA, Kamel ZOUGGAR, and Mohamed ELAJRAMI

    8Effect of modifying the edges of the adherends and the adhesive on the stress distribution over the width and length of recovery, case of a single lap

    MADANI. Kouider, MOKHTARI. Mohamed, BELHOUARI. Mohamed, and EL HANNANI Mohamed

    9Aggressive Path Control of a Mini Quadrotor with Static Obstacle Avoidance Using Backstepping

    Hassan Sayyaadi and Ali Soltani

    10Polypropylene-Clay Composite: The Effect of Clay Content and Optimization of Processing Condition towards Ultimate Tensile Strength by Using Taguchi M

    M.H. Othman, S. Hasan, and W.N.A Wan Muhammad