IJMMME Vol 1 Issue 2 (2013) ISSN 2320-4052 (Printed Version) ISSN 2320-4060 (Online Version)

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1Crucial factors of Human Resource Management for good Employee Relations: A Case Study

    Roopali Bajaj, Shailni Sinha and Vineet Tiwari

    2Mechanical Properties of Micro and Nano TiO2/Epoxy Composites

    Ikram A. Al-Ajaj, Muhannad M. Abd and Harith I. Jaffer

    3Study of mechanical behavior of structures welded with Friction Spot Stir process

    Mokhtar Zemri, Benattou Bouchouicha, Mohamed Merzoug and Mohamed Mazari

    4Fatigue behavior of aluminum alloys requested by a simple overload: Environment Influence

    Mohamed Mazari, Mokhtar Zemri, Benattou Bouchouicha, Mohamed Benguediab and Mohan Ranganathan

    5Analysis of Fatigue Fracture Surfaces In Aluminum Alloy 2024 T351

    Benguediab Mohamed, Mazari Mohamed and Ranganathan Narayawami

    6Effect of double cold expansion on the fatigue life of rivet hole

    Mohamed ELAJRAMI, Hocine MELOUKI and Farouk. B. BOUKHOULDA

    7Study of Mechanical Properties, Cure Kinetics and Rheology of nanoclay/Vinyl Ester Resin composites

    Effat Jowdar, Fahime Alipor, Milad Jowdar, Mahdi Jowdar, and Mehrnaz Darabiniya

    8The Study of Stress State In Indentation Of a Flat Punch With Rounded Edge In Axisymmetric Backward Extrusion

    Ban Bakir Alamer

    9Experimental Analysis Of Passive Damping Technique On Conventional Radial Drilling Machine Tool Bed Using Composite Materials

    Krishna Mohana Rao. G, and Vijay Mohan. S

    10Effects Of Strong Alkaline Substances In Mixing Water On Strength And Setting Properties Of Concrete

    Venkateswara Reddy. Vangala

    11Experimental Comparison of the MIG and Friction Stir Welding Processes for AA 6061(Al Mg Si Cu) Aluminum Alloy

    Anjaneya Prasad. B, Prasanna. P

    12Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of PGW-CuO Nanofluids

    M.T.Naik, E.Vojkani and G.Ravi

    13Simultaneous optimal selection of design and manufacturing tolerances for Knuckle joint using SA-PS algorithm

    Dr. Dinesh Shringi and Dr. Kamlesh Purohit

    14General Form of the Stiffness Matrix of a Tapered Beam-column

    Yasha H. Zeinali, S. Milad Jamali, and Saman Musician

    15Experimental Investigation On LHR Extended Expansion DI Diesel Engine Performance Controlling Injection Timing

    Dr.A.Siva Kumar, Dr. K.Vijaya Kumar Reddy and Dr. E.Ramjee

    16Synthesis and Structural Analyses of Lithium Hydrogen Phthalate Dihydrate (LHP) Single Crystals

    D. Saravanan, B. Sivakumar, S. Gokul Raj, G. Ramesh Kumar and K. Thangaraj

    17Optimization of Surface Roughness during Hard Machining of Hard Chrome Plated Surfaces on EN24 Base Substrate

    Eshwara Prasad Koorapati, Mohandas K N, Ramesh C S, Balashanmugam N

    18Numerical Analysis of Bat-Ball Collision Performance in Cricket

    Amin Etminan and Hamidreza Gharehchahi

    19Ultrasonic Welding of Ni Thin Sheet

    Dong Sam Park, Jung Ho Kim, and Jeong Seok Seo

    20Phase equilibria of the ternary Ag −Cu−In system at 300˚C

    Md. Azizul Haque, and Wojciech Gierlotka

    21Study the Interface Shape of Tooling and Work Piece Contact During a Flow Forming Operation

    Hamidreza Gharehchahi and Amin Etminan

    22Simultaneous Optimization of Tolerances for Prismatic Part Assembly in Different Stack up Conditions

    Dr. Dinesh Shringi, and Dr. Kamlesh Purohit