IJMMME Vol 3 Issue 3 (2015) ISSN 2320-4052 (Printed Version) ISSN 2320-4060 (Online Version)

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1Monitoring of Coated and Uncoated Cutting Edge Performance using Infrared Thermography of Chip Temperature

    M. S. Alajmi and S. E. Oraby

    2Effect of Process Parameters on Tensile Properties of Threads during High Speed Lockstitch Sewing

    Vinay Kumar Midha, and Vaibhav Gupta

    3Effect of Magnetic Field on Unsteady MHD Poiseuille Flow of a Third Grade Fluid under Exponential Decaying Pressure Gradient with Ohmic Heating

    Lawal O.W, Ahmed L.O., and Ali Y. K.

    4Effect of Welding Parameters on the Weld Bead Geometry of Low Alloy Steel using FCAW - Empirical Modeling Approach

    A. Almazrouee, T. Shehata, and S. Oraby

    5Numerical analysis of Non-Newtonian fluid flow in single screw extruder and its application in food industry

    Ali Kargar

    6Ash Fusibility Behavior of Coal and Combustible Solid Waste Blends in Thermal System

    Nayeon Lee, Bongjin Jung, Rak-Hyun Song

    7Opto-electronic optimization of light emitting diode based on GaAs1-xPx

    M. Bouafia, and Ai. Manallah

    8Combined Biodiesel, Glycerol Reforming and Green Diesel Production Processes: Conceptual Process Design

    Bamrung Sungnoen, Kanokwan Ngaosuwan, and Suttichai Assabumrungrat

    9Utilization of the Regenerated Steel Wool for the Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide from Biogas

    Antonio-Abdu Sami M. Magomnang, and Prof. Eliseo P. Villanueva, Ph.D

    10Current Situations of Auto After-sales Services in China and Ideas on Its New Service System

    Dr. Wu Dong, Dr. James Chiang, Dr. Michel Plaisent, and Dr. Prosper Bernard

    11Development of Treated Kapok/Fiberglass Hybrid Composite for Marine Application

    M. A. M. Mohd Idrus, M. Firdaus. M. Yang, M. S. Bakri, S. E. Abdul Hamid, and S. F. A. Syed Abdullah

    12Pt/C Coating For Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) and Rule-Based Mamdani-Type Fuzzy Modeling of PEMFC Performance

    Gürol ÖNAL, Kevser DİNÇER, Salih YAYLA, Yusuf YILMAZ, and A.Serhat ERSOYOĞLU

    13Experimental Investigation Of Powder Holding Capacities Of H13 And H14 Class Activated Carbon Filters Based On En 779 Standard

    Yusuf YILMAZ, Kevser DİNCER, Abdullah IŞIKTAŞ, Gürol ÖNAL, and A.Serhat ERSOYOĞLU

    14Rule-Based Mamdani-Type Fuzzy Modeling of Exergy Efficiency Performances of Counter Flow Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tubes for Square Cross Section Area

    Ali Serhat ERSOYOGLU, Kevser DİNCER, Adnan BERBER, Yusuf YILMAZ, and Gurol ONAL

    15Improvement the Performance of Hydraulic Proportional Control Valve

    Maher Yahya Salloom

    16Numerical Simulation for Stern Flow Characteristics of Twin Skeg Container Vessel

    A. Maimun, Y.M. Ahmed, Zulhazazi, Sunarsih, and Mehdi Nakisa

    17Nomograms for Synthesizing Crank Rocker Mechanism With a Desired Optimum Range of Transmission Angle

    Dr. Khaled M. Khader

    18Power Generation from Sea Waves Using Experimental Prototype of Wells Turbine or Suggested Special Rotating Mechanism

    Dr. Khaled M. Khader

    19Melting of Li, K, Rb and Cs at High Pressure

    R N Singh, and S Arafin

    20The Use of Productivity Improvement Tools and Techniques in the Botswana Textile Industry

    H. Mapfaira, M. Mutingi, V.P. Kommula, K. Mashaba, M. Malema, and T. Selema

    21Application of Productivity Improvement Tools - A Case of an SME in Botswana

    Kommula V P, Mapfaira H, Gandure J, Mashaba K, and Nthoiwa M.

    22Improving Productivity of a Machine Workshop through Facilities Planning

    Kommula V P, Mapfaira H, Gandure J, Mashaba K, R. Monageng, and O. Samuel